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Crimson-haired slave girl...desired by a man of destiny

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1920's, 1930's, 1940's, annette hanshaw, art deco, bebop jazz, bela lugosi, billie holiday, bob and ray, bobbed hair, bobby darin, books, bossa nova, boston red sox, brassai, britain, buck owens, busby berkley, bust magazine, buster keaton, carl dreyer, carole lombard, catholic icons, catholicism, charles baudelaire, cherries, clara bow, dick powell, django reinhardt, duke ellington, easter island, ed wood, edgar allan poe, edgar g.ulmer, edith piaf, elvis costello, film noir, flappers, flea markets, frank lloyd wright, franklin pangborn, fredric march, garters, george hurrell, german expressionism, ghosts, gloria swanson, greta garbo, groucho marx, hair pulling, hank williams sr., harold lloyd, henry and june, holly hobbie, hot jazz, ingmar bergman, ireland, james cagney, janet klein, jean harlow, jeeves and wooster, jim flora, joan crawford, john gilbert, john o'hara, johnny cash, joy division, judy garland, keith olbermann, ken nordine, kissing, lee morse, lee tracy, literature, looney tunes, louis armstrong, louis prima, lounge music, m*a*s*h, magnetic fields, marcel waves, marion davies, marlene dietrich, merrie melodies, mexicana, mid-century modern, molls, monocles, morrissey, myrna loy, nick cave, norma shearer, nuns, old country music, orson welles, p.g. wodehouse, paris in the 20's, poetry, pre-code films, preston sturges, pulp novel cover art, raymond chandler, robert benchley, robert montgomery, rosie the riveter, scott walker, sherlock holmes, silent films, slow wave, spectator shoes, stockings, t.s.eliot, tallulah bankhead, tamara de lempicka, the boswell sisters, the carter family, the decemberists, the handsome family, the twilight zone, theremin, thorne smith, tiki, tim burton, tinted postcards, tod browning, truman capote, turner classic movies, ukulele, vintage advertisments, vintage hair, vintage halloween, vintage porn, vintage sheet music, vintage valentines, weegee, wes anderson, woody allen

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